Keeping the water balanced in lakes and ponds is crucial to all life that utilizes the body of water. Lakes and ponds are part of a very complex ecosystem and the chemical components are constantly changing. When we perform water quality testing in Atlanta, GA, it allows us to establish baseline values and increase our understanding on how your body of water naturally functions.

The alkalinity and conductivity of a lake or pond generally remain the same year round, and an unhealthy body of water would have drastically different values when tested. Testing the water can help us develop a solid maintenance plan to keep wildlife thriving and the waters safe for human enjoyment.

At Atlanta Aquatics, we perform 3 of the most common water testing studies: water chemistry, bathymetric and sediment mapping, and sediment analysis. A properly managed pond will last for generations and a good shoreline management plan with weed control and aeration will be sufficient.

Though you don’t want an abundance of algae in your lake or pond, not all of it is bad. Plankton algae provide important benefits to the water’s ecosystem such as supporting the food chain. Through having your water tested by Atlanta Aquatics,  we can not only determine what chemicals or pollutants may be infecting your pool, but what type of algae is currently thriving and if it is benefiting the ecosystem or not. Call us today at 678-576-4244 for a free quote on our services!