A pond or lake on a property provides a wonderful, naturally beautiful. A body of water along with all of the fish and greenery that comes with it can be truly serene. In order for a pond to maintain its pristine condition and health, it is important to make sure it is well cared for on a regular basis. At no time should a pond be neglected!

Pond maintenance is so important to the health of your water, fish, and greenery. Hiring experts, such as our team at Atlanta Aquatics, will ensure your pond is always in optimal condition. Our professionals will regularly keep tabs on the condition of the fish, plants, water clarity, and the flow of the pond. They will also make certain that everything is as it should be prior to beginning any pond maintenance. Our teams also perform algae control in Marietta, Georgia to aid in the overall health of your water body.

We will also provide extra care if there are any special features in the pond, such as fountains, lights, or waterfalls. Ponds with more advanced cleaning systems will also require expertise from our pond maintenance crews. Any filters will need to be cleaned and debris removed so that they do not slow down the flow of the water in the pond.

While plants add beautiful scenery, they may need to be cut back to a certain degree and any dead leaves on the lilies should be removed. It is critical for the success of a pond that all foreign objects are eliminated in order for the fish and plants to thrive in a healthy manner. Our pond maintenance professionals will also balance the water with a conditioner to help add natural pond bacteria.

For all of the best lake and pond maintenance in the Atlanta area, contact Atlanta Aquatics today at 678-576-4244.