Ponds and lakes are complex ecosystems that need frequent monitoring and maintenance in order to remain healthy. Regardless of how your particular lake or pond is used – for recreation, as an attractive feature, or for your fish stocks – there are a number of problems you may encounter that require maintenance.

Below are some common pond issues you may face.


Algae blooms are among the most common issues that are dealt with by water body owners. In addition to being unattractive, specific types of algae can carry toxic bacteria. In many situations, algae can be controlled without much issue thanks to the assistance of our professionals in water quality testing in Atlanta GA.

It is important to first determine how to proceed and identify the source of the problem. There are certain ways to deal with algae, including mechanical, physical, biological, and material intervention.

Overabundant Fish Population

Healthy lakes and large ponds should have a well-stocked fish population. Sudden fish deaths are among the biggest indications that your lake needs intervention, but it can be tough to identify precisely what caused the situation and how to fix it.

While most ponds can easily experience some natural deaths every year, major depletion of the fish population can usually be linked to a few causes including low oxygen levels, bacteria, parasites, disease, sewage runoff, and more.

Other Water Quality Problems

Other issues aside from fish population and algae can affect the integrity of your lake or pond. Hidden objects can make these bodies of water dangerous to swim or dive into.

In order to ensure your pond or lake is well-maintained, safe, and healthy, it is important to hire experts in the field of pond maintenance. Contact Atlanta Aquatics today at 678-576-4244 for the best lake and pond maintenance services in the Atlanta area.