Retention ponds are a great way to add value to your community along with providing drainage for storm water. While retention ponds have plenty of benefits on their own, adding a fountain or other aeration equipment can increase those benefits. Here’s a couple of ways adding these fixtures and basic retention pond maintenance in Atlanta GA can be beneficial.

Aeration and fountain fixtures can help in regular pond maintenance. They can limit the amounts of algae and muck in the water. This in turn helps with odors and the population of wildlife in the water.

This equipment also aids in water movement. This, again, aids in the amount of much and algae in the water. It also can keep water clearer and less stagnate. By keeping the water moving, you keep the pond looking healthy and beautiful.

Finally, it is aesthetically pleasing to add a fountain. They add ambiance and tranquil noise that anyone will enjoy. Clear water and relaxing noise is sure to make any area a popular one.

Adding a fountain or aeration equipment to your pond or lake is a great way to add value and increase the health of the ecosystem. There are many options when adding this type of equipment, so be sure to call an expert when purchasing. For environmental and retention pond maintenance in Atlanta GA, consider Atlanta Aquatics for your pond and lake needs! Call them today for a quote on your lake or pond maintenance project!