When it comes to erosion control in Atlanta, Georgia, Atlanta Aquatics has all of the proper tools to make sure the land you’re working on is not drastically disturbed. Since each site will be different, we have a variety of ways to properly protect your job site and the land around it from unnatural erosion.

  • Sloping: By sloping the land, we can help control the direction of runoff water and sediment as you work. We will make sure water and debris are not only directed away from the site, but also flowing into a safe area away from local communities, where it can cause even more problems.
  • Slit Fences: By digging a trench and placing wire-backed fences around them, we can help keep the dirt in place as you dig. These fences will be high quality and very durable so that the dirt that’s been dug up stays where it needs to that your dig disrupts the natural habitat as little as possible.

Blankets: If you’re working on a very steep slope, an erosion control blanket can help hold the land in place to help prevent a landslide from occurring. This mass movement of land can not only interrupt your work schedule, but it can endanger the lives of local wildlife, your crew, and anyone living nearby.