When performing water quality testing in Atlanta, Georgia, Atlanta Aquatics makes sure all parameters have been met so that your lake or pond can thrive at its very best. There are certain things that must be tested in these water bodies to make sure that optimal conditions can be met for wildlife and human use.

  • Water Temperature: The temperature of the lake or pond is extremely important for the fish and wildlife that live within it. Though little can be done to alter the temperature of a pond, ground water can be pumped in to cool down the pond in the summer. Matching the type of fish for the water’s temperature is generally your best bet to achieving a thriving aquatic habitat.
  • Pesticides: Any pesticides detected in your body of water can drastically affect the habitat of the pond. These pesticides can seep into the water from use on nearby land or aquatic herbicides meant to reduce plant and algae growth. Excessive amounts of pesticides and herbicides within the water can kill fish, sicken animals, and result in a pond being unsafe for swimming.

Nutrients: Making sure the nutrients within a pond are in order can ensure optimal conditions for a thriving aquatic habitat. Too many of these nutrients, however, can promote excessive growth of algae and plants which many be unwanted based on the use of the pond. Making sure these nutrients are balanced can help keep the water in top shape for all life and uses intended for it.