If you’re in charge of a pond or lake on your property, you know how important it is to keep it natural features looking beautiful and pristine. After all, a well-maintained lake will provide you with years of visual pleasure and increased property values, while a poorly maintained one could cause your property value to drop.

In order to keep your lake healthy and happy, there are some important steps you can take, one of which is investing in an aerating fountain. This will bring numerous benefits to your lake, both to the look and overall health of the ecosystem.

Promoting Healthy Wildlife

If you’re looking for something that will improve the health of the wildlife in your lake, you should definitely look into the aeration service in Marietta, GA provided by Atlanta Aquatics. We can install an aerating fountain, which will increase the oxygen in the lake’s ecosystem. This will promote a strong and healthy variety of wildlife, ensuring a properly oxygenated environment. It will also help prevent the growth of algae blooms by keeping the water moving and prevent excess accumulation of algae-promoting nutrients in the water, which are critical for keeping your lake’s ecosystem in order.

Visual Enhancement

An aeration fountain in your lake won’t just improve the overall health of the ecosystem; it will greatly improve the visual appeal of your lake as well. The fountain will add a touch of beauty and class to the look of your lake or pond which will be sure to impress visitors and passerby. This will increase the overall value of your property, and draw in those looking to purchase land or enter your community.