A well-maintained lake or pond can provide tons of benefits to your community or property. A lake or pond will provide your property with a beautiful natural feature and it will greatly increase the value, bring healthy wildlife into the area, and boost the local environment.

A healthy lake needs to be maintained, and if you neglect to care for it, you might find some unwanted algae blooms on the surface. Algae are tiny cellular organisms that can grow in a lake or pond and depending on the type; they can leave a thick, potentially toxic layer on the surface. There are many factors that can promote algae growth and you should keep an eye out for all of them.


Like all living things, algae need food to grow and if your lake or pond has a certain nutrient makeup, you should look into algae control in Marietta, Georgia immediately. Certain nutrients such as phosphorous and nitrogen can get into the water, either through agricultural runoff or insufficient aeration of the water. These can create favorable conditions for the growth of algae, so make sure to have your water composition tested by knowledgeable experts, such as those of us at Atlanta Aquatics, as soon as you can.

Temperature and Conditions

Algae tend to prefer warmer conditions and they thrive when supplied with a strong intermittent light source. You should be on high alert the possible signs of algae growth during the warmer months of the year and your lake will be at particular risk if it is exposed to bright, warm sunlight.