Causes of Algae Blooms in Lakes and Ponds

A well-maintained lake or pond can provide tons of benefits to your community or property. A lake or pond will provide your property with a beautiful natural feature and it will greatly increase the value, bring healthy wildlife into the area, and boost the local environment. A healthy lake needs to be maintained, and if […]

The Benefits of Aerating Your Pond or Lake

If you’re in charge of a pond or lake on your property, you know how important it is to keep it natural features looking beautiful and pristine. After all, a well-maintained lake will provide you with years of visual pleasure and increased property values, while a poorly maintained one could cause your property value to […]

Important Criteria for Water Quality Testing

When performing water quality testing in Atlanta, Georgia, Atlanta Aquatics makes sure all parameters have been met so that your lake or pond can thrive at its very best. There are certain things that must be tested in these water bodies to make sure that optimal conditions can be met for wildlife and human use. […]

3 Ways to Protect Your Job Site from Erosion

When it comes to erosion control in Atlanta, Georgia, Atlanta Aquatics has all of the proper tools to make sure the land you’re working on is not drastically disturbed. Since each site will be different, we have a variety of ways to properly protect your job site and the land around it from unnatural erosion. […]

How Can Your Retention Pond Benefit from a Fountain?

Retention ponds are a great way to add value to your community along with providing drainage for storm water. While retention ponds have plenty of benefits on their own, adding a fountain or other aeration equipment can increase those benefits. Here’s a couple of ways adding these fixtures and basic retention pond maintenance in Atlanta […]

What Goes into Environmental Consulting?

Checking the environment around your construction site or property is an important step before starting any project. By not hiring a professional to survey your property, you can possibly run into costly additions and possibly legal issues. These are some things that an expert looks into when you use environmental consulting in Atlanta GA. An […]

Common Pond and Lake Problems and What to Do About Them

Ponds and lakes are complex ecosystems that need frequent monitoring and maintenance in order to remain healthy. Regardless of how your particular lake or pond is used – for recreation, as an attractive feature, or for your fish stocks – there are a number of problems you may encounter that require maintenance. Below are some […]

Why is Pond Maintenance So Important?

A pond or lake on a property provides a wonderful, naturally beautiful. A body of water along with all of the fish and greenery that comes with it can be truly serene. In order for a pond to maintain its pristine condition and health, it is important to make sure it is well cared for […]

Water Quality Testing for Your Ponds and Lakes

Keeping the water balanced in lakes and ponds is crucial to all life that utilizes the body of water. Lakes and ponds are part of a very complex ecosystem and the chemical components are constantly changing. When we perform water quality testing in Atlanta, GA, it allows us to establish baseline values and increase our […]

Welcome to the Atlanta Aquatics Blog

At Atlanta Aquatics LLC, we specialize in pond and lake management throughout the Atlanta, GA area. We provide a variety of services such as water quality testing, environmental consulting, and retention pond maintenance in Atlanta, GA and the surrounding areas. We strive to provide exceptional services to all of our customers and with this blog, […]