The Basics of Storm Water Management in Atlanta, GA

The Basics of Storm Water Management in Atlanta, GA

Storm water management in Atlanta, GA is the process of managing and maintaining surface water runoff and the process can be applied in both rural and urban areas. This water management process is highly important, as it prevents the erosion of the land and flooding of inhabited areas which can cause severe damage and environmental contamination.

Storm water runoff typically occurs when an abundance of rain or melting snow flows over the land’s surface. Modern constructions such as roads, driveways, parking lots, and rooftops all prevent this excess water from soaking into the ground, leaving it with nowhere else to go except in our streets, rivers, and basements. Atlanta Aquatics provides storm water management in Atlanta, GA to help drive this runoff water elsewhere and prevent it from overflowing our local water bodies and destroying both human and animal habitats.

Runoff water with no place to go easily collects pollutants from the streets and surfaces, which are then deposited into our rivers, lakes, and streams. The Clean Water Act requires communities to have permits for discharging storm water runoff, which has caused many areas to adopt various regulations in storm water management practices. When it comes to storm water management in Atlanta, GA, the city has a variety of programs in place such as the Greenspace Protection, Flood Prevention, and Land Development Regulation program that are designed to protect both our land and water habitats.

Storm water runoff has the potential to alter aquatic habitats, such as our lakes, rivers, or ponds due to the pollution it carries with it. This runoff water can increase stream temperatures and produce heavy metal bioaccumulation within the water bodies. Excess sediment can also smother spawning beds and aquatic vegetation, making storm water management in Atlanta, GA extremely important to our aquatic wildlife.

When you’re in need of storm water management in Atlanta, GA or the surrounding areas, Atlanta Aquatics has all the services you need to help your lake or pond stay clear and pollution free all year long. Call us today at 678-576-4244 to request a quote or receive more information about our services.