The Importance of Erosion Control in Atlanta, Georgia

The Importance of Erosion Control in Atlanta, Georgia

Naturally occurring erosion affects us all and can range from some excess runoff water to dangerous and life threatening landslides. Unfortunately, construction and landscaping jobs sites have the tendency to increase land erosion due to the disruption of the natural environment. By performing jobsite erosion control in Atlanta, Georgia, companies such as Atlanta Aquatics are able to help prevent the following erosion-related issues.


One of the biggest and most dangerous effects of erosion is landslides. A landslide is a mass movement of rock, soil, and debris down a sloped piece of land. Though landslides can be naturally occurring, human activity has drastically increased the frequency in which these happen. Clear cutting and mining are two huge man-made causes of landslides and without proper erosion control in Atlanta, Georgia, workers can be putting their lives, the lives of others, and natural wildlife at risk.

Damaged Roads

Without erosion control in Atlanta, Georgia, the manner in which water flows around roads can start to wash out the roads, creating potholes and crumbled edges. Not only would this require more money spent on road repairs, but potholes can be extremely dangerous and damaging to vehicles and their drivers.

Farming Concerns

If a jobsite is located nearby a farming community, it’s crucial that this land is protected and maintained. Without proper access to their land, farmers are unable to perform their jobs which can impact the community’s food and produce production. Erosion due to negligence when preparing a job site has the potential to ruin farms and crops.


Just as we don’t want to disturb our way of life, erosion control in Atlanta, Georgia is also meant to protect the wildlife in the area. When plants and trees are torn down and washed away, the local wildlife is forced out of its natural habitat, which can cause problems as they move to find new shelter within heavier inhabited areas. Plants that are killed off in this unnatural erosion can also take years to grow, which can cause a once thriving habitat to become a barren wasteland.

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