Environmental Consulting

Fox River project

When looking for an environmental consulting in Atlanta GA, consider Atlanta Aquatics for your environmental survey needs. We have worked in some poorly managed bodies of water and helped them get back to a stable ecosystem. That’s why we’re among the best when it comes to water quality testing in Atlanta GA.  We monitor pollutants and other hazards that can damage wildlife, document fish populations, and restore proper water flow to areas to drain storm water. Our experts also research and use plants that are native to the ecosystem to restore their health and get these populations growing. We work with you, our team, and even governmental agencies to ensure that the right things are being done.

Lawrenceville GA project

We carry these environmental practices in our other services including, water feature construction, shoreline reconstruction, and detention pond maintenance in Marietta, Georgia. We want to help you find a solution that is beneficial for you and the environment. So give Atlanta Aquatics a call today and get closer to maintaining a healthy ecosystem for your pond.