Lakescaping and Shoreline Restoration


Many sites are realizing the benefits of a shoreline restoration program that employs native vegetation installed to create a buffer to reduce erosion, create habitat for wildlife, and enhance the aesthetic of a property. Investing in shoreline restoration and lakescaping for your property can bring these benefits that are enjoyed for years to come. This practice is part of lake and pond management in Marietta, Georgia and can improve the health of your pond and the surrounding ecosystem. By using native vegetation, your pond can prevent erosion, stability to ecological zones, and increased habitat for wildlife. Additionally, it enhances the aesthetic of the property. The restoration work Atlanta Aquatics do will help you improve the look and function for your pond or lake.

Our staff performs seasonal services to ensure that the plants and native species in your pond are thriving and invasive species and herbicides are kept out. Atlanta Aquatics specializes in these services and are complementary to erosion control in Atlanta, Georgia and detention pond maintenance in Marietta GA. The team of experts at Atlanta Aquatics wants to help you achieve a beautiful and healthy pond or lake. Start enhancing your ecosystem today by giving them a call!