Pond Monitoring and Maintenance


Marietta project before/after

The Best in Lake and Pond Management in Marietta, GA

Atlanta Aquatics offers seasonal and full time monitoring and programs for lake and pond management in Marietta, GA to provide customers with consistently healthy ponds and lakes.

Aquatic vegetation is present in all water bodies and is often the most common source of problems both ecologically and aesthetically. Our biologists oversee all staff and operations for algae control in Marietta, Georgia in order to properly monitor, identify, and treat specific plant and algae issues. We utilize mechanical, ecological, and safe chemical programs for our algae control near Marietta, Georgia. Constant trash collection helps maintains a healthy and scenic environment.

Our staff is also licensed for nuisance animal control in order to prevent extensive damage that can occur with beavers, muskrats, and other varmints. We also provide retention pond maintenance in Atlanta, GA so you can be sure your pond stays clear and runoff-free.

Whether your goal is for fishing, wildlife, swimming, aesthetics, or just a beautiful pond, we design the best program for lake and pond management in Marietta, GA that accomplishes your goals. Whether you need environmental consulting or retention pond maintenance in Atlanta, GA, contact us today at 678-576-4244.