Water Quality Testing

Water Quality Testing in Atlanta, GA

The three most common specialized studies for water quality testing in Atlanta, GA are:

Water Chemistry: Water chemistry, especially in irrigation ponds where high levels of salts, impacts whether a pond can be used for irrigation. In many ponds, large amounts of nitrogen and phosphorous are the primary cause of algae blooms, thus testing allows Atlanta Aquatics to implement better practices for algae control in Marietta, Georgia to reduce nutrient loading, bind nutrients, and minimize chemical treatments.


Bathymetric & Sediment Mapping: This study of water quality testing in Atlanta, GA allows baseline conditions to be measured and determinations can be made regarding percentage of sediment and total volume. This assessment aids in calculating time-frames, as well as planning for permitting and budgeting for potential dredging or sediment removal projects. The contour maps reveal potential issues regarding storm drainage, severe shoreline erosion, and high nutrient loads.

Fox River project

Sediment Analysis: Sediment analysis allows for understanding the impacts of shoreline erosion or internal loading and effects on aquatic life, as well as determining potential benefits of aeration service in Marietta, GA, bacterial, and enzyme treatments to reduce organic sediments.

Resolutions: Often, a properly managed pond or lake will last for generations and provide low cost enjoyment to the entire family. A good shoreline management plan along with aquatic weed control and quality aeration service near Marietta, GA with accomplish this. However, if poorly managed sediment accumulation and erosion problems can require plant/tree removal, dredging and possibly mechanical repair of inflow and outflows. Atlanta Aquatics can customize a plan that makes sense for the client and handle everything from permitting to final grading for a turnkey project.

Crystal Lake IL project

Whether you’re in need of water testing or algae control in Marietta, Georgia, Atlanta Aquatics is here to assist in all of your lake and pond management needs.